Jay F. Rowland leverages his 18 years of experience as a marketing executive, financial analyst, and entrepreneur to set businesses on a more clearly defined path to growth and profitability. Insightful research and planning provide a solid base on which creative solutions are built to promote sales. Mr. Rowland firmly believes, "Everything that touches your customer, every experience, is 'marketing.' You must make each touch relevant and inviting!"

Former employers include The Athlete's Foot Group and DiversiTech (regularly named to the Top 100 Private Companies List by the Atlanta Business Chronicle). Mr. Rowland possesses a unique ability to boil down complex situations and ambiguous issues into meaningul information that aids decision-making. He has worked in a variety of industries on a wide range of projects and has conducted literally thousands of research interviews.

Mr. Rowland's academic background includes a BS in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Emory University. An Atlanta native, he now resides in Johns Creek with his family.

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Preferred Design Firms
Bostwick Design
Grace Design
mhgd: Mark Hobbs Graphic Design

Contact Info
   Jay F. Rowland
   Up Front Market Consultants
   160 Surrey Park Court
   Johns Creek, GA 30097

   Phone: 770-664-2983
   Fax: 770-664-8297
   Email: upfront@jfrenterprises.com


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