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Alignment of Sales Team with Corporate Goals
An extruded foam manufacturer introduced a new construction product, but sales were lagging expectations. Management was highly skeptical that consultants would find any useful information. However, we were able to graphically demonstrate that their independent sales reps did not emphasize the new product. As a result, the manufacturer was able to realign the reward structure and thinking of its rep force to place proper emphasis on the newer product. Had they not conducted research, change would have been delayed and perhaps led to the downfall of a promising new line extension.

Growth through Consistent Research
DiversiTech, a manufacturer in the HVAC industry, has used Up Front Market Consultants on interview-based research projects since 1998. Most of those projects focus on customer reaction to new or revised products, as well as acquisitions of other manufacturers. Listening to the market is one key reason for the company’s growth, doubling in size over the past seven years. Many research projects end with a “no-go” decision, allowing the company to save resources for more profitable efforts. DiversiTech is regularly named one of Atlanta’s Top 100 Privately Held Companies by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Accurate Forecast of Product Success
One simple research project involved the proposed change of a product from tubular to conical design. We determined that the product would be accepted as a direct replacement in the market. The new design was manufactured overseas at substantial savings and, one year after introduction, also increased sales by 29%.

Cornering the Market by Listening
Contractors in Florida complained about code compliance of equipment pads for residential A/C installations. Interviews with the distribution chain and various code officials enabled us to help our client rewrite the Florida Building Code both to provide safer installations for homeowners and to severely hamper competing products.

Competitive Intelligence in a New Market
Cherokee Floating Docks, a dock manufacturer selling through independent dealers on large lakes was facing stagnant sales and uncertainty regarding existing and new markets. Through various methods of research, including competitive intelligence gathering, we were able to provide our client with details such as market size, trends, competitor unit and dollar volumes by location, and relevant government regulations. Information was presented in both numeric and graphic formats for ease of understanding. Potential large customers were also identified. A prospective joint venture partner in the area confirmed our data to be accurate.

Turning Promotion into Motion
At a trade show, East West Manufacturing sought to draw to their booth about fifty key decision-makers from other booths, without soliciting at the show. We designed a special, dimensional direct mail piece that offered a free gift for dropping by the East West booth. The response rate was 21%!


"Jay Rowland's unique blend of creativity and business savvy has resulted in very effective and productive marketing campaigns carried out on East West Manufacturing’s behalf. Using his services, we have made measurable improvements in lead generation with only modest, incremental costs."
Jeff Sweeney
Executive VP, CMO, East West Manufacturing

Jay Rowland has been instrumental in helping me to complete three mission-critical projects for our company: a comprehensive (150-page) print catalog, a completely revamped website, and an online version of the print catalog. He provided project management, wrote and edited copy, and provided great counsel and advice. All three projects are better and more effective than I ever could have accomplished on my own.

Sue Kay
VP, InHealth Record Systems

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