Craft your winning recipe
Position yourself to succeed, and work your plan.

Business may be great, or it may be slow. In either case, a master plan is a tangible step toward the growth and profitability you desire. Some very pointed reasons for composing a plan may include:

  • You want to raise capital.
  • You don't know what to do next.
  • You need to prove yourself to investors (or critics).
  • You know that a written plan will help you perform even better.

Our expert assistance frees you to focus on daily activities with increased confidence. Whether you have most of the information necessary, or only a little bit, we can help you pull a cohesive plan together. Quickly. So you can get on with business.

With your plan in place, Up Front is primed to help you go to market.



Marketing Plan
• Product positioning /Branding
• Pricing
• Sales plan

Business plan
• Financials
• Operations
• Formal Composition of plan

Jay Rowland was instrumental in helping me develop and refine my business plan. I am in the start up mode as a non-profit, so my needs are different from those of a for-profit company. Jay seemed to easily understand my reality and help me communicate my plan to businessmen who could fund my organization. Four years later, the fundamentals that we described in the original plan are still a solid core of our growing organization.

Danny Shaver
International Coordinator, Priority Associates (Campus Crusade for Christ)

We trust Jay because he has proven himself to us. He is thorough in each project, shows great knowledge in the area of marketing, and obviously wants us to succeed regardless of the effect on his pocket. He has helped us tremendously with our strategy. We know that we are getting the best.
Joel Thain
CEO, IntegriCom

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