Research the flavors in the market
Prepare to compete against a clutter of messages.

You're spending serious dollars, and a huge chunk of your life, on your business. Doesn't it make sense to invest a little more up front to make sure the rest counts?

Research is the key to innovation. And "innovation is the most reliable competitive strategy," according to a 2005 Georgia Tech survey on manufacturing. (See the attached research summary.)

Up Front Market Consultants conducts primarily qualitative research...original research that answers questions you won't find published anywhere else. Even then, we try to present information in a quantitative format to aid decision-making.

Once this research is complete, Up Front will be well-positioned to help you plan and implement.


 • Industry analysis
 • Competitive intel
 • Interviews
 • Focus groups
 • Field studies
 • Surveys


"DiversiTech has had the pleasure of having a professional relationship with Jay Rowland since 1995. Jay’s outstanding work, keen intellect, and vivid imagination have been instrumental in propelling DiversiTech through a period of outstanding growth. I would recommend Jay and Up Front Market Consultants to any businessperson who has the desire and determination to better position their company, products, and services."
Charles M. Lipman
CEO, DiversiTech
regularly named to the Top 100
Private Companies List by the Atlanta Business Chronicle

"When Cherokee Floating Docks needed to examine certain geographical areas to learn where the greatest potential for market growth was, as well as the strength of competitors, we called on Up Front Market Consultants. Jay Rowland provided us with comprehensive evaluations of two different lake systems. Our business partners in those regions confirmed the accuracy of the reports, and we were able to make educated business decisions."
Scott Lowman
Sales Manager, Cherokee Floating Docks

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