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Make your message mouth-watering
Use better communications for better results.

Everyone wants the sizzle and spin. But you have limited resources, no matter who you are. So rely on Up Front Market Consultants to make the most of your efforts. We will work tirelessly to enhance your position in the market.

Up Front will manage your project or marketing campaign to ensure that important details don't slip through the cracks. In the process, we oversee select design firms who add life to our communication plans. And we also push you over perhaps the largest hurdle of all...writing and editing the text you require.

Why hire a content manager?

• If writing’s not your thing.
• If you can write, but you have other things to do.
• If you’re a writer, but not a marketer.

Then hand your hassles over to a content manager/writer.

How we begin
You and other key personnel have initial meetings with the manager, who interviews you to establish a project path and begin the writing process. This step is often a part of the pre-quote phase. The manager will provide a checklist for you (or your personnel) indicating additional information needed to complete the project. Such information may include competitive websites, company literature, bulleted summaries, pictures, etc. if not already provided. You may pass info along in rough form, and the manager will edit, re-write, or compose pages from scratch.
Your reward
You spend only a few hours on the project, and you are free to think about other business concerns. Meanwhile, we work behind the scenes, much like elves, though we are somewhat larger and not so cute. Before you know it, your project is complete. Ah…satisfaction.
Up Front Market Consultants also provides these services to other marketing and design firms.


• Identity / logo
• Website
• Brochure
• Catalog
• Direct mail
• Public relations
• Events
• Ads


"Up Front Market Consultants have been a true pleasure to do business with. The one-on-one assistance with Jay in our print and marketing efforts has really paid off for our current customer satisfaction and in acquiring new web business. I would highly recommend their firm to anyone who asks for quality service and solid pricing for services performed."
George E. Burkhart III
Partner, VoiceConnect, Inc.

"As we promote our company to prospective customers, they always ask us to send them information about ourselves, like a brochure. Now we refer them to our web site. I am pleased with how well Up Front Market Consultants has explained our mission and our services. Up Front took our bits and pieces and built a professional site that fits our needs."
James T. Porter, Jr.
President, Recycled Materials, Inc.

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