Why Us?

In a nutshell, we will help you make far more money than what you pay us...and save you far more time than if you had to complete the project yourself. Plus, we make you look good! Up Front will walk you through the entire marketing process. Or perform certain steps as needed.

Research - We gather info that other people are not able to pull together.
Plan - We have exceptional analytic and strategic skills.
Promote - We help communicate the right message in the right way.

Honestly now, few people can do all three of those things well. We have outperformed others all of our lives, and we will continue to do so.
For your benefit.

Frequently Given Answers (FGA):
We don’t need any marketing.
Um…Yes you do. No company is untouchable, so your job is never finished. To sustain business and grow, you must improve during the good times and push through the tough times. Why not improve now before the tough times come?
We have a design firm (or ad agency).
We will work with your preferred firm, though we will also tell you what we think of their work product. First, does your design firm provide professional copywriting? Most often, they employ designers, not writers…and good design with bad copy is bad marketing.
Second, does either your designer or ad agency claim to research your product, market, or needs? Most make the claim, but their idea of research is minimal at best. Compare our research and planning to theirs, and you will hire us to manage their creativity.
Of all the companies we could choose, why would we choose you?
Few consultants truly command the breadth of skills necessary to deliver research, strategic planning, and creative communication. We use the whole brain…and a lot of it.
There are thousands of marketing firms, and they all seem very similar, because the world is full of average people doing average jobs and claiming that they are the best. Truth is, we all begin with a certain amount of God-given ability and raw intellect. From there, we add experience and learn to persevere. Finally, we distinguish ourselves by the ethics that guide our relationships with clients and associates.
How do we know your proposal is the best solution?
Marketing is not an exact science. Our proposal, though, will be grounded in experience and a commitment to achieve the best results for you. Because we can’t control you, we can’t promise “success,” but we can give you the pieces you need to make decisions and compete effectively.
How do we know this is a good use of our money?
We will either save you a substantial amount of time or make far more money for you than we cost. Usually both. If you sincerely believe we didn’t deliver, you can keep your money.

We rely on our salespeople for research.
Yes, ideally, your sales force would keep you constantly updated about changes in the marketplace, much like a spider’s web transmitting even the slightest tremble. Unfortunately, salespeople sell. They are biased, and they like to make compelling arguments. Good researchers are objective and exceptional at asking questions and listening. To prevent the market forces from being misread and sending your company down a random path, you will want to select a firm that specializes in research. Not to mention the fact that your salespeople might be part of the problem.

You aren’t from our industry, so what can you offer?
We offer a process that builds upon your industry-specific expertise. If you conduct the research yourself, the result will include at least two biases. First, you will tend to rely on information and interpretations from past experience. Second, you cannot honestly tell interviewees that you are unaffected by their answers…and they will alter their version of “the truth.” Using Up Front’s fresh eyes to look at your situation allows “dumb questions” to be asked, and such questions frequently turn up valuable intelligence.

What type of people can you help?
Everything that influences your client or customer is “marketing.” We can help anyone who wants bigger, better influence.

Copy – Anyone who wants to look professional, make sense, and get attention.
Planning – Anyone looking for capital or wanting to get on track and grow.
Research – Anyone who wants to succeed, keep customers, and gain on the competition.

Who doesn’t want those things!?

What you do sounds pretty vague.
True. Mind-numbing at times. But the key point is that every company can benefit from a fresh set of eyes on their marketing program. Whether you can state a specific need or you simply want Up Front to take your company’s pulse, the starting point is your decision to always look for ways to improve.

Why hire Up Front if we can do the work?
Busy, successful managers like VPs of Sales, CEOs, and Owners typically aren’t shy about making money, and they rarely turn down an opportunity to make more. But if they’re too busy to do the work themselves, and they refuse to outsource, then they really are turning down extra money.

Forward-thinking CEOs may request our help to clarify and quantify management's ideas in the form of business and marketing plans and copywriting for sales collateral. Those CEOs tend to fall into two groups. Either they are capable of the work themselves but do not have time to focus on formal documentation, or they prefer to have us perform the tasks that they don't care for. In both cases, their complex thoughts are presented in a clear, concise manner ready for decision-making.

I have employees. They can do this.
Maybe. Many people just don’t have the ability. Those who are able to do this type of work may already be doing too much. According to the March 21, 2003, Medical Economics article, “Outsourcing is in,” a few of the reasons for considering outsourcing are:
· Staff members are doing tasks outside their areas of expertise
· Employees are unable to accomplish all that is expected of them
· A task is being ignored or not done in a timely manner
· Functions are being done poorly


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